Cara Gieringer

Cara Gieringer

Writer, designer & media enthusiast

Because of my adaptability and creative problem-solving skills, I can design content that appeals to multiple perspectives. I am passionate about nature, music, story-telling, technology, and art.

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Arkansas Business

Technology Helps Meetings Survive Budget Bumps

The majority of the state's tourism, dining and entertainment businesses have become proponents of the hyperactive social world in which we now live, employing innovative marketing strategies that not only make information dissemination convenient for customers and industry partners alike — they also make it fun.

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Arkansas Business

Speaking Of Speakers

Hosting a professional meeting or event requires much more than securing a suitable location and sending out invitations. Effective event planning in today's highly interactive world is about creating a unique and unforgettable experience for attendees. Planners today are not only tasked with delivering a program that ignites a lasting spark of inspiration in the minds of attendees, they are responsible for keeping that flame burning long after the event date has passed.